Temporary Warming Shelter | Volunteers Needed!

We are a temporary emergency shelter on nights when temperatures are extreme. Father’s Heart and OCRC will call on us when they are full. 


We need a minimum of 2 people to stay awake 7pm-7am during 2 night shifts. We need on call volunteers to be available for a call as late as 7pm.  Job duties may include registering guests, room set up (mats, blankets, moving furniture), making coffee, going over house rules with guests, tear down, and clean up. Doors will be locked at 10pm.

Gidget Faubion is our volunteer coordinator. Contact admin@wonbyonechurch.org for more info.


Warming Shelter donation needs (please call ahead to drop off at MC):

Financial Gifts

Cough Drops

Paper cups with lids

Ear plugs

Instant Hot Cocoa