Your World Changes When You Choose To Believe What He Thinks about You


I am in awe of God when I watch this video. To me, this story that is in the natural demonstrates what happens supernaturally when I allow Jesus in my circumstance.

I am not physically deaf, but not too long ago I came out of being spiritually deaf for most of my adult life. When I watch this boy’s nonverbal language, I remember feeling like that on the inside and expressing it like that on the outside. I used to isolate myself as I felt trapped with thoughts in my head that I believed were actually true about myself and God. I tried to act ok, but inside I was miserable. I did what I thought I had to do to survive day to day. I physically punished myself and chose not to accept the freedom in Jesus. I believed He was for everyone else. I felt I deserved punishment. I hid and lived in fear. I believed relentless and countless lies, and acted out on them to prove they were real. I sat on the sidelines watching the world around me live an abundant life.

I so wanted to be transformed from the inside out. I was hoping and praying that God would show up and zap me so I would be instantly cured. I hear He knows what is best for us. He had a different idea on how to start my healing process. I thank God that He provided a way out of that downward spiral. I was like the boy being hesitant about going to class to learn something new and out of his comfort zone when I decided to try something different. I pushed myself to get help. I had friends willing to make the time and effort for me. People prayed for me. People loved me right where I was at and didn’t give up on me. They spoke into my life and gave me hope. It took everything in me to become brave to also get some outside help in various ways. Little by little I chose to believe what He says is actually true because He is the truth. To be honest, it was foreign and I didn’t feel comfortable. It felt fake. Most of the time, I just hung on and trusted Jesus in my friends, and various leaders/authors that I looked up to when I couldn’t trust myself. I kept practicing to think differently.

When I see the boy in this video smile for the first time while the background music is playing, I feel like that happens to me each time I choose to see myself as He sees me and believe Him. My world has changed and opened up because I am learning a new language. The word patterns that I allowed to believe were destructive. I am developing a new mindset – a mind in Christ so I can overcome. I also feel like I am wearing a lens from heaven. I am starting to see myself, others, and life from His perspective. I have tasted freedom and there is no going back. I am just begining to be transformed from the inside out and I have hope in Him. He has a bright future for me. God loves me and believes in me. I never ever thought I could think like this! I am so thankful to be on the other side. Thank you Jesus!

My prayer is that if you are in a tough place, I pray that your spirit awakens to these things…. He loves YOU and adores you with every fiber of His being. He is thrilled and rejoices that He thought of you before the foundations of the earth were created. He has planS for you. He has a way out for you. I speak life into whatever circumstance you are going through. This is not a dead end. You are not stuck. He has a new name for you because He sees you differently than you see yourself. In fact, the Lord is calling you to rise up! He is taking role call, and He is calling you by name. He is patient and gentle. He is waiting for you to stand up. You are not too old. You are not too young. He sees your future and not your past. God doesn’t have one negative thought toward you. He sees Jesus when He sees you. The Lord rejoices over you with singing and dancing. He delights in you. You can trust Him. He is a God of the impossible and He is able to move whatever you think are obstacles in your life. He barely has to move His finger to push them aside. I believe He desires to give you an upgrade on how you view Him and how much you trust him. The Holy Spirit is at work even if you don’t think He is. I pray you sense a refreshing, and that you experience His love and peace like you have never known.

Now open your heart, reread the prayer slowly, and receive those words in your spirit. Allow them to penetrate and go deep. ~ Joanne