With Anna’s permission we are sharing her latest blog post. Her blog can be found HERE

Sometimes I feel Him calling to me. I’m bustling about with all my daily usual and the hubub of a home that is teeming with life, and this voice like a gentle wind winds it’s way past my cheeks. He calls to me until I respond. Morning snuggles, a bottle, some cereal… He calls me still with that wind. Schoolwork, housework, washing diapers, He calls to me.

When I turn my attention to the wind I feel a sudden urge to gather my tool belt. My instinct is to grasp at my sword and strap on my traveling boots- the King is calling for me to follow Him, and I prepare for battle, for adventure and dazzling sights. He is Magnificent, a mighty and powerful King- always advancing His beautiful, victorious kingdom, and I’m thrilled to be invited along!

What are we doing today, my King?

He takes me gently forward, to the most unexpected of places. His mind is not on high slopes or raging rivers, He takes me in to the garden. In where the vines grow over my head and I’m shaded from the happenings I left behind.

Where are we going?

He leads me gently into the coolness and safety, and it is there I understand.

He calls to me because He wants me. HE WANTS ME. He wants to be near to me, to walk in the coolness beside me. He wants to simply spend time enjoying my presence and gifting me the privilege of enjoying His!

Sometimes He brings me along on lofty adventures or ground-conquering missions, but most of all and most often, He just wants… me.