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At Won By One, we view our Sunday services as a reunion; a time to reconnect with the extended family that we are not able to see on a day-to-day basis. This is a time to celebrate what God is doing, experience the corporate presence, and receive vision. Life Groups are viewed as the Family Room; they are a more personal time together as a family unit – sharing life with each other IN the family room. This is inherently more intimate, and allows for everyone’s voice to be heard. We desire to create an intentional culture that values the transition of moving from the Reunion to the relational building Family Room. We believe this is where growth, health, healing and often salvation will be found.

Life groups are:

  • Fellowship with one another.
  • A place to grow and connect.
  • A family environment for all generations.
  • A safe place to share life together.
  • A place where gifts are developed and ministries are born.
  • A place where dreams and visions are released and established

Life Groups Pastors

Tim and Nancy Burton

Wednesday evenings, at the Burton home

Oregon City

Tim and Nancy:

Rob and Frieda Cummings

Wednesday evenings, at the Cummings home




Steve and Peggy Harris

Wednesday evenings at the Harris home

Oregon City



Pat and Shannon Olsen

Wednesday evenings at the Olsen home

Oregon City



Steve and Susie Tyler

Wednesday evenings, at the Tyler home




Abe and Erin Underwood

Wednesday evenings at the Underwood home

Oregon City