LifeGroup Pastors

Lifegroups are where relationships are developed, disciples are equipped, and family is established. You can develop roots and “find your tribe”, in a personal time together of growth, healing, and health. In a Lifegroup, you can expect fellowship in a safe place where your gifts are encouraged and values are grounded. Click here to join a Lifegroup today!



Steve & Susie Tyler

Steve and Susie are celebrating forty-three years of marriage. Steve serves as an Associate Senior Leader and oversees the Lifegroup ministry. Susie oversees the Women’s ministry, and together, they host a Lifegroup in their home. They love seeing lives impacted and transformed by Jesus, and Susie especially loves connecting and supporting a network of women of like needs, dreams, and God-given gifts to open doors and encourage faith. As a team, they have a vision for people to come alive and are seeing faith stirred before their eyes! They pursue testimonies brought about by family connection and the signs and wonders of God’s outpouring. Together, they intercede and celebrate the victories of people who choose to respond to Him.



Abe & Erin Underwood

Abe and Erin are celebrating thirteen years of marriage! Together, they serve in prophetic ministry on our apostolic leadership team and oversee worship ministry, admin, children’s, and prayer team. Additionally, they coach and develop leaders at Won by One.  As a team, they love watching people grow in their love for Jesus when they experience a heart revelation of His love. Seeing the fruit of the Spirit manifest in every area of people’s lives so they experience righteousness, peace, and joy in relationships–specifically marriages and families–is a part of their calling to ministry. They are most excited about the new move of God and the alignment of family. It is their belief there is an open door for unity and see the prayer of Jesus in John 17:20-23 fulfilled.


Pat & Shannon Olsen

Pat and Shannon have been married for twenty-eight years and oversee Touchpoint Ministries (outreach) and host a weekly Lifegroup in their home. They are especially passionate to see both the churched and unchurched grow in their personal walk with Jesus and in their ministry. As a team, they have a vision to see orphan hearts and broken lives restored in order to walk in freedom and power. They empower others to reign in life with character, integrity, excellence, anointing, and power. For them, the most exciting thing happening right now is the everyday Christians ministering and discovering that they owe the world an encounter with the living God.



Rob & Frieda Cummings

Rob and Frieda are celebrating forty years of marriage, and in addition to hosting a Lifegroup, are key players on the Won by One prayer team. Freida is a committed intercessor and evangelist, and together, Rob and Freida are passionate about pointing people to the goodness of God. They love seeing his redemption and restoration in lives that brings personal victory. As a team, they are committed to seeing testimonies and are excited about unity and hunger for God’s word. They have a vision for spiritual health and individual/corporate growth.



TIm & Nancy BUrton

Tim and Nancy have been married for twenty-two years and host a weekly Lifegroup. They also oversee the SOZO ministry at Won by One. In their ministry together, they love connecting relationally and being part of what God is doing in people’s lives. They are most excited about the awakening in the body to the understanding that we are all Sons and Daughters.


Steve & Louanne Miles

Steve and Louanne have been married for six and a half years and oversee a weekly Lifegroup. They deeply enjoy serving others and loving people well. In their ministry, they are thrilled to see lives transforming before their eyes and to experience the outpouring of God’s power into people’s lives! They have a vision to see the impossible happen today on earth.



Steve & Peggy Harris

Steve and Peggy have been married for twenty years and host a weekly Lifegroup. They love getting to know the hearts and motivations of others in order to relate in deeper relationship. Together, they pursue His presence and are passionate about encounters. They are excited to see the current move of God on His people, and the hunger that has stirred up in the church that has brought depth to relationship with Him.



Kathy Hoedl

Kathy facilitates a weekly Lifegroup in her home and loves serving at Won by One! She especially loves seeing Holy Spirit move in people’s lives to cause a life transformation. Kathy engages the prophetic gifting to call forth people’s identity and bring change in their lives. She’s known Jesus for thirty years, and is excited about the accelerated growth she has seen in believers, and restoration in her own family. She gets excited about divine encounters with the Lord that move people’s hearts to intimacy with Him


Glenn & Jennie Morrisey

Glenn and Jennie have a Tuesday night Lifegroup in their home in Oregon City. Glenn has a love for teaching and has taught at WBO’s Foundations class. Jennie is the Administrative Coordinator for the church and has served on the worship team. Together, they serve on the prayer team and are passionate about prayer and worship. They are eager to see lives transformed and witness people discover their gifts and identity. Glenn and Jennie are in love with Jesus and are gifted at helping people discover the same love. They are passionate about seeing people in the Body of Christ healed and set free so that they are fully equipped to walk in their destiny, both individually and corporately.