Senior Leaders

Jack and Shelly have been married for twenty-six years and are the parents of six beautiful children. They serve as lead pastors of Won by One, and minister to local pastors and churches. They are passionate about seeing lives transformed by the simple gospel. Jack loves encouraging leaders and the church to walk in their identity, and Shelly is inspired by the simple faith of the children and the willingness of hearts to receive.  Currently, they are most excited about the destinies being discovered in the kingdom and the expectancy and hunger for the presence of God being stirred in the body of Christ. 


Associate Senior Leaders

Pat and Shannon have been married for twenty-eight years and oversee Touchpoint Ministries (outreach) and host a weekly Lifegroup in their home. They are especially passionate to see both the churched and unchurched grow in their personal walk with Jesus and in their ministry. As a team, they have a vision to see orphan hearts and broken lives restored in order to walk in freedom and power. They empower others to reign in life with character, integrity, excellence, anointing, and power. For them, the most exciting thing happening right now is the everyday Christians ministering and discovering that they owe the world an encounter with the living God


Associate Senior Leaders 

Steve and Susie are celebrating forty-three years of marriage. Steve serves as an Associate Senior Leader and oversees the Lifegroup ministry. Susie oversees the Women’s ministry, and together, they host a Lifegroup in their home. They love seeing lives impacted and transformed by Jesus, and Susie especially loves connecting and supporting a network of women of like needs, dreams, and God-given gifts to open doors and encourage faith. As a team, they have a vision for people to come alive and are seeing faith stirred before their eyes! They pursue testimonies brought about by family connection and the signs and wonders of God’s outpouring. Together, they intercede and celebrate the victories of people who choose to respond to Him.


Click here for info about our team of Lifegroup Pastors!




Ken and Sharina have been married for thirty years and have two children. Serving as the Men’s ministry pastor–leading Marked Men for Christ events–Ken’s favorite thing about ministry is impacting people and being able to come alongside in support. He partners with the Holy Spirit to speak identity over men and is passionate about growing in a Spirit-led life. Currently, he is most excited about people choosing transparency and vulnerability


OSSM Directors

John and Sarah are celebrating 33 years of marriage this year, and have two children and four incredible grandchildren. John directs OSSM (Oregon School of Supernatural Ministry), and he loves teaching and preaching. What John enjoys most about ministry is raising up leaders and seeing people step into their destiny of who God created them to be. Currently, John and Sarah are most excited to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission as the church makes disciples of nations and impacts the world for the Kingdom. They are seeing a growing hunger for more of God and a desire for His manifest presence, which is cause for excitement!

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