Death and Life – Abe Underwood

To stay in step with the Holy Spirit we have to be sensitive to Him moment by moment.

Part of the striving and wrestling with sin is because you don’t realize that Jesus provided something for you. He provided you death—and then new life. And sometimes we just try and stay alive and add Him to our lives, instead of dying and coming into new life. The picture of baptism is a death, a burial, and a resurrection into new life. Jesus didn’t just die on the cross, He came back to life. And that same resurrection power, He’s longing to aim towards each one of us, so we can overcome sin.

Four foundational components of discipleship that soften the heart:

  1. Forgiving others.
  2. Repenting of judging others.
  3. Repenting of vows and judgements.
  4. Submission.


Sermon: Death and Life by Abe Underwood on August 26, 2018 at Won by One Church in Oregon City, OR.