God’s Plan and Purpose for Me – Jack Shumate

God has many plans for us, but only one purpose.

7 Marks of Immature Behavior in a Believer

  1. Greed instead of gratitude.
  2. Easy instead of excellent.
  3. Convenient instead of committed.
  4. Cause instead of community.
  5. Desire instead of destiny.
  6. Feelings instead of faithfulness.
  7. Receiving instead of giving.

Draw Near to God

Step out of Immaturity into Maturity

  1. Repent – agree with God; don’t argue, ignore, excuse, or justify your sin.
  2. Renew – how you think and what you think.
  3. Remember – God has a plan and you’re in His purpose.
  4. Remain – don’t give up, don’t move, don’t stop, don’t complain.


Sermon: God’s Plan and Purpose for Me by Jack Shumate on January 6, 2019 at Won by One Church in Oregon City, OR.