Restoring Biblical Masculinity and Femininity – Abe & Erin Underwood

Marriage is you actually being pruned and matured so you can walk in destiny and identity together as one.

Facing an Age-Old Problem

  • Chauvinism: Men are stronger than women—therefore, men are better than women.
  • Feminism: Women are no different than men—therefore, men and women are equal.
  • Hidden-presupposition: All differences are differences in equality.

Moving Towards Health

  • Codependent: Enabling each other to stay stuck in your growth journey.
  • Independent: Living separate lives within your marriage. No reliance on each other for anything.
  • Inter-dependent: The healthy balance. Each person owning their own stuff and speaking the truth in love.

Tools for Moving Forward

  • Get help.
  • Get connected in healthy community.
  • Work on yourself.
  • Practice forgiveness.
  • Realize that trust is built in the small things.
  • Prepare for the triggering moments.
  • When triggered, stay vulnerable. Anger is a cover for fear. Maintain compassion for each other.


Book: Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud (Amazon)


Sermon: Restoring Biblical Masculinity and Femininity by Abe & Erin Underwood on November 4, 2018 at Won by One Church in Oregon City, OR.