The Purpose of Conflict – Jack Shumate

On the other side of every conflict you face is a promise.

When you determine to become mature in Christ, it’s going to be a spiritual battle.

We believe spiritual maturity is measured in how we love and not just in what we know. We are called to fulfill the Great Commission by bringing the good new of Heaven to the hearts of the missing. We all have been given gifts. We are all to be equipped and released to use those gifts in order to populate the Kingdom of Heaven as well as establish His government (church) here on earth. We are Kingdom focused, not just church focused. We believe the local church government is established and maintained by Apostles, Prophets, and Teachers.

The three spirits at work:

  1. The spirit of Jezebel
  2. The spirit of Leviathan
  3. The spirit of Absalom


Sermon: The Purpose of Conflict by Jack Shumate on January 14, 2018 at Won by One Church in Oregon City, OR.